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Development Programme - DAY TWO

By Avant Cymru 27 Oct, 2017
Day Three.

We got to discuss evaluation today, one of my favourite things, mixed with an idea to create an excel document to monitor the feedback, I suddenly feel right at home. Evaluation is such a powerful tool, we use it often in Avant to be able to influence the shows and events that we produce. 

However today I started to consider how I share this evaluation with others, I often create conclusions from the data I gather and I am able to plan the next steps due to gathering this data, but I am not very good at sharing this process with others. Well until now, I can see that I will be creating a few excel documents over the next week so that the aims and objectives of 'Rhondda Road', 'Blue Scar' and 'Forget Me Not' are clear for all in the team. I often get told to delegate, however I worry that through delegation Avant's vision and missions will be lost, a clear document which sets out to achieve Avant's aims will help me to inform and empower colleagues to take on more roles for Avant. 

Second thought of the day is the difference between marketing and outreach. We love outreach, we believe that engaging in new theatre audiences is important, we are starting to reach new theatre audiences. However, and I apologies for this, we have neglected those who are already interested in theatre by not marketing to you. 

How can we improve our marketing? 

Do you already attend theatre? What can we do to sell (yes sell) our shows and opportunities to you? We know that we are creating high quality shows that appeal to those who enjoy theatre, we know this from our evaluation, but we are not reaching you at the moment. 

We know we need to gain your trust so please do give us a chance, come and chat with us and let us know what you think about our marketing. 

It has been a productive three days, I have spent time reflecting and getting our first business plan draft on paper (well I say paper, but it is 2017 so I mean on a computer programme, but it doesn't sound so good)! I have gained a new strategic action plan for our projects and Alan has been briefed, he will be receiving a number of excel document shortly! Finally I have made meaningful connections with other arts practitioners and we have all had a valuable experience. 

Thank you AMA digital for your course and Thank you Arts Council Wales for supporting Avant to have this time to get the business in order so that we can focus on creating high quality, professional, relevant, dance and drama. 
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Lands of Our Fathers is a documentary that we made as part of the Gwanwyn Festival. We believe that exploring our past can help us understand our present and help us shape our future. 
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