Organisation Summary:

Avant Cymru - a forward thinking theatre company from the South Wales Valleys. Creating relevant, distinctive theatre, dance and artistic activity with and for our community and championing this work at home and afar.

Vision Statement:

To artistically enrich and inspire all (locally, nationally and internationally) to achieve community celebration, preservation and regeneration. 
*Valleys theatre art celebrating the past, discussing the present and creating the future*

Mission Statement: 

To create relevant, compelling, imaginative professional theatre performance and/or artistic experiences (including but not limited to dance, film, visual arts, music and drama) in the Valleys and beyond, to champion the diversity of the stories from the valleys. 

Meet the team

Alan Humphreys

Alan joined Avant at the end of 2016, after previously collaborating with the company and being inspired by the change and effect Avant was having.

Alan is a performer and producer. As a performer he has a background in theatre, film, roleplay and voiceover work. Since undertaking National Theatre Wales’ Emerging Producer scheme in 2015, he now works primarily as a theatre producer, working with companies including Fio, Pontypridd YMCA, Yello Brick and on a freelance basis. He was shortlisted for the Old Vic 12 in 2016.

Alan comes from a rich history of performance within the Valleys - his aunt being an international opera singer and his grandfather well-known in Pontypridd for his skills on the organ. He’s a firm believer in the need for the previous generations to work with the next to maintain the cultural heritage of the region, and looking forward to what can happen next.

Rachel Pedley

Rachel founded Avant in September 2015, having moved back home to the Rhondda, with the aim of providing further opportunities for professional artists to collaborate, create and teach in the Valleys.

Rachel is an actress, dancer, choreographer and teacher. Rachel trained as a performer at Swindon Dance and then London Studio Centre, she was part of the Pineapple Performing Arts Troupe and has worked in TV, Film, the West End and regional theatre professionally since 2006, for companies including the BBC, ITV and Warner Brothers. 

Rachel has a passion for the community which came from childhood, when she would listen to her grandfather sing and perform in a Welsh Male Voice Choir. This in turn inspired her to perform, giving her the drive to inspire others in the same way.


Avant create all of our work in collaboration. We believe it takes a valley to create a production. 

Avant have so far made two pieces in partnership with RCT Theatres - Killer Cells and Blue Scar. We have also worked with Sherman Theatre, NTW TEAM, Gwanwyn Festival and Cardiff, Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals to name a few.  We are also a resident company at the Park & Dare Theatre.  

We are always looking to learn and create work with new artists and companies - networking leads to more opportunities, so drop us a line (we promise we’re not scary!), we are always happy to chat about ideas over a coffee or cake. Especially cake.
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